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Bias tyre is intercrossed by multilayer treads. Due to different materials, it can be divided into cotton tyre, rayon tyre, nylon tyre, polyester tyre and steel wire. Here are their features: 1. Cotton tyre. Cotton tread is made by cotton textile. Cotton is the earliest material used in tyre making. Due to its low intensity, multiple layers, high heating, slow heat transfer, few re-treading time and much water absorption, it has no longer been used. Even so, other materials still take cotton as standard, which has become a practice in tyre industry till now. 2. Rayon tyre. After cotton, rayon has been widely used, which firstly appeared on Paris Exhibition in 1889. Invented by a famous French physiologist, it has the same luster and feeling like silk but is more highly tensile than cotton. By its features like heat and fatigue resistance, it became main material of tyre making. Compared with the cotton tyre, rayon tyre is better in comprehensive performance, which made tyre industry stride forward again. Its disadvantage is hygroscopic so as that its strength will be reduced in wet condition. 3. Nylon tyre. Nylon was invented by an American chemist and published by his Dupont Corp. in 1938. Since publication, it has caused widely attention in the world. Some guys called it “Tougher than steel, thinner than spider silk, made by coal, air and water, but elastic and shining like protein fibre”. As tyre tread, nylon is more tensile, impact resistant, elastic, lower density, renewed and difficultly hydrophilic, but its disadvantages are thermal expanded and easily deformed. In winter, if vehicles parked outside for a long time, there will appear “flat spot”, which is caused by this, too.

"Pressure is the tyres life," a direct impact pressure is normal to tyre life, so in order to reduce operating costs and the performance of the tyre can give full play, in the inflated tyre must pay attention to the following:

(1) driving car trains will have to wait after the tyres heat plus gas, because traffic will increase when the tyre temperature, and pressure impact.

(2) to check the valves. When combined with valves and valve core is not flat, there is the phenomenon of protruding recessed and other defects are not easy to inflate and the amount of air pressure.

(3) inflatable should pay attention to cleanliness. The air filled with water and oil can not prevent the deterioration of rubber inner tube damage.

(4) inflation should not exceed the standards too much, and do not travel abroad because of the long-term inflation and too much can not be inflated. Due to excessive over-done too much will lead to cord, causing the strong decrease of tyre life.

(5) inflatable operation carefully. Inflatable lips before the dust should be wiped off the valve, do not loose valve core. After the application of pneumatic valve lather wipe the mouth, check for leaks. If the leak will have a row of small bubbles. The valve cap will be tightened to prevent sediment entering the internal valve

(6) measured the air pressure inside the tyre must use a standard barometer to test, not just by the eye view, percussion and other experience to judge.

(7) air compressor gauge on the pressure does not show the actual pressure with the same tyre.

(8) even in the case of overloading operation, can not indefinitely increase the tyre pressure. By comparison of the data and the actual results to 12.00R20-18 specifications, for example, even in the case of severe overloading of 12 inflatable pressure is sufficient to play more, can only increase the chance of a puncture.

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